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Why Buy S20 When We Still Own a Decent Android Smartphone

It is known that Samsung builds its phones to last, so if you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S10 you might be wondering why you should spend all that money on an upgrade, well this time around the upgrades aren’t just little tweaks here and there, but especially in display, speed, and camera the upgrades are massive and significant ones, among the Samsung galaxy S20 line up your requirement will decide which among the three amazing smartphones is exactly the best option for you, it is unbelievable how little the Samsung S2O compromises compared to the other two heavier S20 phones in the lineup, even if the price drop is a significant one a number of things are pretty similar in all of these galaxy phones, in fact many prefer the smaller 6.2 inch of a Samsung S2O s20 as it doesn’t hurt our hand to use it.

Among the S2O lineup only the S20 is available in a 4G configuration and If you aren’t in a rush to hop into the 5G bandwagon then buy S20, Samsung has done well to pack all of that enhancements in a relatively compact design, the camera improvements over the last flagship phone which was S10 are massive, the screen is lovely and previously the smartphones with heavier screens with better displays were slower, but with S20 the screen is rapid yet amazing, the only downside is that a 120Hz refresh drains the battery which on a 4000 mAh battery just might be too much. The criticism which I would make is that it looks just like any other Samsung smartphone, work could have been done tweaking the design just a little bit, the design is a successful one but there are fine details which separate one smartphone from another, somehow that is missing from this amazing smartphone.

April 15, 2020